Register company - Step 1/2

Fill in the following fields with the details of the company named on the contract and to be invoiced. This is the entity doing business. If the data entered is not that of the exhibitor, the contracting company shall respond jointly with the exhibitor itself, being obliged to pay in the name and on behalf of the exhibitor. Remember to proceed to the next step to fill in the exhibitor's details for the catalogue.
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Field to be filled in ONLY after purchase of a Co-exhibitor, in your Private Area under "Complementary services".
In fulfilment of the obligations introduced by Article 1, Paragraph 909, Law of 27 December 2017 (obligation of private entities to issue electronic invoices from 01/01/2019) the Italian exhibitor must inform the Organizer of their certified e-mail address (PEC) and/or their 7-digit Recipient ID.
Under his/her own responsibility, the customer declares:
in the lists of subjects required to apply the split payment regime as per article 17-ter, paragraph 1-bis, of Presidential Decree no. 633 of 26 October 1972, as amended by article 3 of decree-law no. 148 of 16 October 2017, converted, with amendments, by law no. 172 of 4 December 2017.
Contact details for the exhibition (person in charge)

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